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About Us: We take your book.

Our aim is to have your words released into the world. If you have courage, speak to social justice and community renewal we are with you. Tell us your story and we will find a way to get it to print if at all possible. Read Greg Ryan's A Secret Life  or laugh and cry with "Come Outside" from Steph Hickey Smith

AND WE TAKE YOUR FILM: Johnny has made Dick's Clinic....with a bit of help from his friends (brother Patrick is one of them)...and it is great.  


Another opening, another show. Whether launching a non industrialized food product or an amazing series of art works or a social justice campaign we are trying to change the world in small steps. 

 ACTION: bring your words, music and ideas and we will help you turn these into a book, a film, an event or a presentation. We share the costs and the benefit and pass that on to the next group.  Find us on facebook and youtube

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Operating since 2010 we started life as a source of training ideas, materials and resources. We have plenty of back story see us on facebook and youtube for some of our samples. These days we are concentrating on publications, film making and events management associated with social justice, the arts and theatre. 


If you re looking for anyone of our services we will happily put you in touch with our clients.

Talk to Les on +610417592670 or e:

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